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​​For over 35 years Rockford Fosgate® has made lifestyle products that deliver the ultimate audio experience in cars, boats, and recreational vehicles. Rockford continues to be a leader in the audio industry by designing and engineering products to connect enthusiasts to their music and machine. Creating components that deliver high-performance sound for the most demanding connoisseur is what drives Rockford to continually elevate the listening experience.

Truly a line designed by fanatics for fanatics, our motorsports family of products are developed by the same people that use them in their everyday lives. Living the lifestyle and being able to interface with our customers gives our design and engineering groups a unique perspective to be able to deliver top-quality products that perform to the Rockford Standard.

Developed from the ground up to not only be feature rich, but simple to use, our line of Element Ready™ source units provides you a solution no matter how large or small of a system you want to design. Using direct input from our customer base and our real-world experience, our engineering team has created a lineup that delivers the features that you want in a package that stands up to the abuse of the off-road environment.

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Source Units

Open-air off-road environments are harsh and can be devastating to audio speakers. That’s why Rockford Fosgate designs its motorsports speakers with materials and build techniques that withstand dust, dirt, water and UV. They deliver high quality sound for you to enjoy every time you hit the trails or dunes.



Packed with power, our amplifiers are specifically engineered to perform out in the elements. With a full line of compact chassis mono and multi-channel options, all of our Element Ready™ amplifiers* are equipped with features that put you in control of your audio experience



Rockford engineers its woofers to produce high output bass without crumbling when exposed to the elements. With a variety of sizes and styles available, you can easily build a system to complement your off-road vehicle.

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